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April 8, 2021    


Parent/Teacher Conferences:  Parent/Teacher Conferences will take place on Thursday, April 8, from 1-5 pm.  School will dismiss at noon on this day and After School Care will run from 12:15 - 5:45 pm.  Lunches will not be needed unless your child is staying for After School Care.

Composite Classroom Picture:  Today your child was sent home with a classroom group picture order envelope.  If you would like to order a composite classroom picture, please return the order form along with a check written out to Strawbridge Studios, Inc.  Classroom pictures are $10 each. All orders should be in by Tuesday, April 20.

Charleston Wrap Fundraiser:  The Charleston Wrap Fundraiser, that was sent home with your child, will run through April 23.  Remember to text or email your teachers and other staff to see if they want to purchase anything.

Re-Enrollment for 2021-2022:  If you have turned in your Enrollment Agreement and have paid the Hold Your Seat Fee, it is now time to re-enroll your child/ren.  Go to and in the Log-In drop down click on Parents Web.  At this point, you will put in the district code: CC-SDA along with your username and password.  Once you are in, on the left-hand side, you will see a link that says re-enrollment.

RKS Facebook Page:  If you haven’t done so lately, don’t forget to visit the RKS Facebook page! School information, along with various photos or videos, are added weekly to showcase our awesome students and what they are learning.

Reading to Your Older Child: Librarian Donna Jeansonne says that you shouldn’t stop reading to your child once they learn to read themselves. While independent reading is certainly important, reading out loud to kids as old as age 14 still holds benefits, both academically and emotionally.

  • At this age, it’s about your older child’s reading fluency and comprehension. It may be helpful for them to follow along in the book as you read. And consider asking questions about the text to gauge their comprehension. Be consistent. Whether it’s one book per day or 15, try to make reading a part of your regular routine. And while you’re at it, you don’t have to read different books each time you sit down. Kids love hearing the same stories over and over again — and they learn through this type of repetition.
  • Take your time. Be sure to leave enough time to read versus sneaking it in or — worse — making it a chore. Of course, you won’t have loads of time each day to read, so some quickies are just fine. However, your child should see reading as a dedicated activity and one that you give your full attention to.
  • Make it fun. Use different voices for characters, pauses, songs, or other dramatics to make the story come to life. Reading with flair will help your child better understand the story. It also provides a good model of expressive and fluent reading for kids who have begun reading by themselves.


Birthdays:  Happy birthday to the following students:

                          Cora Fraga         - April 5

                          Marielle Petredis - April 8                  

                          Keryn Stenack    - April 10

                          Ceri Rinehart      - April 30                         

Laughter is the Best Medicine: Q: What has four wheels and flies? 

A: A trash truck.

Current Events:                         

April            8        Parent/Teacher Conferences, Noon Dismissal

April           23       Charleston Wrap Fundraiser Ends

April     26-28        Outdoor School for Grades 6-8

April          29        Family Reading Night, Canceled

May             2        Science Fair/International Festival, Canceled

May            10       Staff Development, Noon Dismissal

May            27       8th Grade Graduation, 7 pm at the Martinsburg SDA Church

May            28       Last Day of School, 10 am Dismissal




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